Clay's Bike Trips

What When Where How Long Quickie
Big Ride Across America Summer 2000 Seattle WA to Washington DC
48 days 3300 miles The mother of all bike trips. I raised over $7000 for the American Lung Association and got to see the country by Bike. What could be better?
Bike VA 1999 June 1999 Richmond to Franklin to Hampton to Williamsburg to Richmond 5 days 341 Miles Much easier than last year. Our First trip on our new Recumbent Tandem. Very fun trip. Official Bike VA site
RAGBRAI July 1998 Hawarden IA to Sabula IA 7 days 485 Miles My First RAGBRAI. This is truly the Mother of all State Tours. 20,000 people can't be wrong!
Bike VA 1998 June 1998 Warrenton to Winchester to Shepherdstown to Leesburg to Warrenton. WHEW! 5 days. 220 miles This was my second Bike VA, and I still think they are awesome. This trip was fairly hilly, but still a great time. 
Seagull Century October 1997 Eastern Shore MD 1 day 101.3 miles Best Century EVER! Broke the 6 hour mark for time. Weather was FANTASTIC! We were hanging on fast pace lines all day.
Western PA Rails (Mark's Page) September 1997 West Newton PA to Ohiopyle PA to Rockport PA 2 days 75 miles Part Yough River trail Part Allegany Trail. About 70% infinished rails to trails. Mt Bikes Only! 
Virginia Trails August 1997 New River, Greenbrier, and Virginia Creeper Trail 1 week 250 miles Spent a week in the RV going from trail to trail.
GOBA June 1997 Southeastern Ohio 1 week 411 miles Great scenery, poorly run tour. It was nice to see another state though. 
Seagull Century October 1996 Eastern Shore MD 1 day 100 miles Good ride. No rain, but tough headwind heading to the Island. 
SEST 96 (Mark's Page) May 1996 Suffolk VA to Ocracocke NC 4 days 200 miles Shortened version of the trip the year before. We grabbed about 10 people and biked down the Outerbanks of NC
COAST 95 (Mark's Page) October 1995 C&O Canal Cumberland MD to Washington DC 4 days 185 miles We liked it so much, we did it AGAIN! This time we took a day off in Harpers Ferry. 
Seagull Century October 1995 Eastern Shore MD 1 day 116 miles Left from campground. Extra Milage. What, am I nuts? 
Cycle Across Maryland July 1995 Oakland MD to Baltimore MD 1 week. 463 miles This was a blast. Crossing the Appalachians was tough but fun. I acheaved my all time speed record of 52.5 MPH on this trip. (Going down Sideling Hill) 
South East Shore Tour (SEST) June 1995 Richmond VA to Daytona Beach FL 3 weeks 1300 miles!  Self contained tour down the Atlantic Coast. Doing this makes me eager to bike across the country.
Gump FART October 1994 C&O Canal Cumberland MD to Washington DC 3 days. 185 miles The weather was perfect, the fall colors were spectacular, and we had a great time. We carried our own stuff and moteled it.
Cycle Across Maryland July 1994 Leonardtown MD to Berlin MD 6 days. 300+ miles Crossed Bay Bridge Now that was pretty cool. 
Bike VA June 1994 Bedford VA to Goochland VA 5 days. 320 miles Bike VA was GREAT! They sure know how to run a tour. Good food, good fun, and great routes. PICTURES
Cycle Across Maryland July 1993 Cambridge MD to Baltimore MD 6 days. 300+ miles First Organized Bike Tour. Went solo. Had a blast. No web site.
C&O Canal Part II July 1993 C&O Canal Cumberland MD to Washington DC 3 days. 185 miles For the second trip I talked my Mom into going. 
C&O Canal The Original  June 1992 C&O Canal Cumberland MD to Washington DC

3 days. 185 miles My very first long cycling trip. There were just two of us. This is the trip that started the ball rolling. 
Here are some PICTURES!